What I Offer

Finding a route to wellbeing and healing can be confusing. Sometimes we keep turning in circles looking for ‘the answer’ or a formula that works. Because energy and consciousness is the very fabric of your being, working at the energetic level can initiate profound shifts.

Everything is energy, and everything you are experiencing (mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually) has an energetic vibration. It is therefore possible to change your experience (of a particular issue or situation) by working with your energy body (structure) and energetic vibration and gradually transforming this to become lighter (less dense) and more in flow (less stagnancy or blockage). This is the healing journey!

To support your personal healing journey, I offer several different types of session:

Energy healing & balancing works with your energy body to clear blockages and get your life force energy flowing. Whatever you’re experiencing, energy healing initiates deep shifts and a return to a more balanced system. It’s like receiving an upgrade – rebooting your system and raising your vibration. 

Quantum healing works on the principles of quantum non-locality and entanglement. It is a more multi-dimensional experience than energy healing, integrating the experience of your soul’s journey with your current energy body experience. Quantum healing is always done remotely: no matter where you are in the world, you can receive healing in the comfort of your own home.

Soul reading offers insight into your current situation and life path. By tuning into your energy field, and the Universal matrix, a reading gives practical and spiritual answers to your questions. This empowers you to move forward with a deeper understanding of the issues playing out in your life.

Spiritual mentoring is designed to guide you through a process of change and expansion. Whether your focus is your business or your personal life, spiritual mentoring can help you to overcome challenges, shift your perspective and empower you to walk your highest path.

Energy coaching teaches you energy tools to manage your energy field yourself, including how to ground yourself, balance your chakras, cleanse your aura, and strengthen your energetic boundaries.

Soul work for incoming souls includes birth clearings and soul readings for babies. A soul reading is a comprehensive intuitive reading of a baby’s soul energy and potential in this lifetime. A birth clearing focuses on clearing any trauma from the birth journey and any other energies, such as past life imprints, that do not serve baby’s wellbeing and development.