Spiritual mentoring

What is spiritual mentoring?

Spiritual mentoring is designed to guide you through a process of change and expansion. Whether your focus is your business or your personal life, spiritual mentoring can help you to overcome challenges, shift your perspective and empower you to walk your highest path.

For some, the focus may be a specific challenge; for others, it may be to identify your soul’s purpose so that you can walk your path with greater inspiration and clarity. As a qualified soul coach, certified through the Soul Coaching® International Training Institute in California, my approach is to assist you to connect with you soul’s guidance and live from this authentic place within you. When you harness your soul energy in this way, the Universe will work with you – in the most unexpected ways – to create what you most deeply desire.

The process

Spiritual mentoring works best as a process of at least three or four sessions. Through a combination of intuitive coaching and practical exercises, you’ll be empowered to identify limiting beliefs and patterns, make tangible changes and move beyond challenges. Between sessions, you’ll be given assignments to consolidate learning and apply new insights.

Depending on your needs, sessions may include:

  • Exploring how to align your professional/ business goals with your soul expression
  • Identifying and transforming limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Identifying ‘energy leaks’ and how to recharge your life force energy
  • Developing a soul-inspired vision for your way forward
  • Manifestation techniques to bring your vision into being.


Spiritual mentoring is offered on the Zoom platform.

Sessions are 60 minutes.

Client testimonials

"My first session with Heather in 2018 completely altered the trajectory of my life. Through Heather’s Spiritual Mentoring and Intuitive Readings I have received a level of clarity and insight that is hard to achieve with conventional coaching or psychology. If you really want to realise your potential and transcend your self-imposed limitations, I can’t recommend Heather enough!"
Robert Paddock
CEO, Valenture Institute

“The Spiritual Mentoring process I went through with Heather has been transformational, if not miraculous. Her expertise and step-by-step guidance is exceptional and I found her insight and clarity astonishing. At the same time, her authenticity and genuine connection with her client is unmatched. There is no-one I could recommend more wholeheartedly than Heather.”

Sultan Uzun