Soul work for babies

Support for incoming souls and their parents

The children arriving now are very often high-consciousness beings who have the potential to play an important role in our evolution as a species. Since the Seventies, there have been waves of Indigo, Crystal and Star children and there is currently a more rapid influx of these advanced souls to help the planet shift to a new level of consciousness. More than ever, parents are called to support their children to expand into the full potential of their consciousness and soul mission. Getting to know your baby is a magical time. Gaining insight into your baby’s soul enhances this special bond and can be an illuminating support as you set out on your journey together.

To assist incoming souls, and their parents, I offer Soul Readings and Birth Clearings for babies. These sessions are done remotely. All I need is a photograph of your baby with the date and place of birth.

As with all energy work, a Soul Reading or Birth Clearing is only ever done with explicit permission from a parent/legal guardian and spiritual permission from baby’s higher self.

Soul readings for babies

This is a comprehensive intuitive reading of a baby’s soul energy and potential in this lifetime. By connecting with a baby’s soul energy, I’m able to access information about their soul essence and important aspects of their journey. While every reading varies, a soul reading may include information about the baby’s soul purpose and the lessons s/he has signed up for. Sometimes, there is information about ancestral patterns or past life issues that need to be resolved. There may be information about special soul ties with particular family members or challenges in the family environment. Every reading will include practical suggestions to support and nurture your baby’s wellbeing and soul expansion.

This offering includes a comprehensive written report.

Birth clearings for babies

The birth journey can be traumatic. After a difficult birth, especially, a baby may be left feeling shocked and unsettled. Clearing the shock from a baby’s immature nervous system can greatly assist them to settle and adjust to life outside the wombspace. If drugs or anaesthetic have been used during the birthing process, the energy of these substances can also be cleared. A birth clearing also focuses on identifying and clearing any other energies, such as past life imprints, that do not serve baby’s wellbeing and development.

This offering includes verbal feedback (Zoom call or voice recording) about the energy work.

Soul reading and birth clearing combo

A combination of the above offerings in one extended session.