Soul Reading

The purpose of a Soul Reading

Are you looking for guidance in walking your soul path? Do you have questions about your current situation or next steps? Do you want to connect with your deeper knowing and wisdom?

The purpose of a Soul Reading is to offer guidance and insight about your current circumstances and possible choices, either practical or spiritual, which will bring you into greater alignment with your soul purpose. A reading facilitates a connection with your own inner knowing and a sense of the spiritual dimension at work in your life. It is not about foretelling the future, or making predictions, but rather about ‘reading’ what is held in your energy field – and the Universal matrix – and making this more accessible to you. This enables you to make choices with a fuller spectrum of information and from a higher perspective.

The process and how it works

Soul Readings tap into your energy field (and all the information that it holds), the Universal matrix (through which we are all connected) and my own guides. The messages come in many forms, including words, images, symbols and feelings. Like many intuitives, I work with a combination of intuitive senses, including clairvoyance (images), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (sensation and feeling). While I relay the messages directly, I will also help you to interpret them.

Your personal reading will focus on what you need to know right now to align with your highest timeline. It will also give you a higher perspective about your current challenges and life path. You will gain insight into underlying patterns, including behavioural patterns, ancestral patterns, and your soul’s journey, all of which might be playing out in your relationships and current circumstances. The information cuts through your ‘story’, and the dramas of the ego-mind (3rd dimension), and facilitates access to the 4th and 5th dimensions of the heart and soul, opening a gateway for you to align with your higher self and soul’s agenda. Often the process itself is a deeply spiritual and uplifting experience.

Please note: A Soul Reading provides guidance and information. It is not intended to predict the future, or give you instructions, and cannot guarantee a set outcome. The information you receive is relevant to the present moment in time, while your future is dependent on a complex set of factors, including the choices you make, in accordance with your own free will.


Soul Readings are offered on the Zoom  platform.

Sessions are 60 minutes.

Client testimonials

"What a wonderful experience! It was such a gift and a blessing to be able to connect with Heather. She was spot on with the information she gave me."
Audrey Lees
"Heather’s intuition is incredible. In my Skype reading session she gave me deep insights about my life and guidance about moving towards my soul’s purpose."
Dr. Elisabeth Nargat
"Thank you Heather, for a very accurate and insightful reading. It gave me an interesting insight into a situation I’ve been battling with. I loved your energy!"
Kevin Jacobs
"The experience was lovely, energising and warm. Heather picked up the problems I’ve been dealing with accurately, and offered helpful insight."
Tasneem MohammEed
"Heather was fantastic – clear, attentive and to the point!"
Rob Naidoo