Quantum healing

What is quantum healing?

Quantum healing is offered as a remote session. We will not be in the same physical space during the session. 

Quantum healing works on the principles of non-locality and quantum entanglement. In the quantum world, distance is not an obstacle to the instant exchange of information and light. Because of this phenomenon, quantum healing is always offered remotely: in other words, we don’t have to be in the same place during the healing process. Once I have connected with your unique vibrational identity, I’m able to receive information about your energy field and offer healing that is fine-tuned to your individual needs. Spatial distance doesn’t make any difference to my ability to make the changes as guided by your soul and my healing guides.

Quantum healing can be thought of as a sacred journey that we undertake together, often with you leading the way in terms of the work that needs to be done. During the journey, I receive information about your current state of being, your life lessons and your soul’s agenda – a multi-dimensional overview of issues that need to be integrated or resolved in order for you to heal and progress spiritually. In this sense, it is a more multi-dimensional intervention than energy healing. It works at a soul level, integrating the experience of your soul’s journey through time with your current energy body experience.

Although done from a distance, quantum healing is as effective as contact healing. This approach is particularly effective when working with young children, who may not be able to lie still during a contact session, but are usually very open during a quantum healing journey.

Quantum healing is only ever done with your explicit permission and in accordance with your highest good.

The process

The first consultation includes a video call so that we can connect and discuss your healing needs. After this initial conversation, I’ll work on your energy field remotely at a pre-arranged time when you can receive the healing energy. The session concludes with a feedback call to tell you about the energy work and offer suggestions for your healing journey going forward.


Quantum healing is available for clients anywhere in the world.

The first session is 90 minutes (including a Zoom intake call, energy work and a feedback call).

Follow-up sessions are 75 minutes (including energy work and a feedback call).

Please note that for clients based in Southern Africa, rates are in South African Rand; for clients based anywhere else in the world, rates are in Euros or US dollars. For further information, please refer to the Rates page.  

Client testimonials

"If I had wings I would fly to the moon! What a difference. I feel so much better. Thank you!"
Ina Perry
South Africa
"Doing distant work with Heather has been a highly transformative journey for me. From the first session, I’ve experienced major shifts in my life and in my family. I highly recommend her!"
Dr. Elisabeth Nargat
"I’ve had amazing experiences with these quantum healing sessions! Thank you, Heather, for helping me so much on my path."
Melody Harris
"Our five-year old boy was really struggling – always angry, upset and generally unhappy. We were desperate and had tried everything from child psychologists, diet changes, even changing schools. After two quantum healing sessions, he was a different child. He was more settled, sleeping better and felt ‘lighter’. Today he is one of the happiest kids I know. It’s totally changed our lives!"
Emily Janssen

The magical Pelican travels long distances, soars high on thermals, and dives deep for fish – holding the elements of air and water in perfect balance. It represents the safety of souls journeying together, while plunging into the emotional depths, when necessary, to bring understanding to the surface of our awareness.