Purpose and vision

From a young age, I knew my purpose was “to heal myself and others”. Working with the archetype of the ‘wounded healer,’ I have been guided throughout my life to places of very deep healing – and often mystical experience – to integrate multiple timelines of my being and to retrieve the gifts that I needed to fulfil my purpose in this lifetime.

I am dedicated to empowering others to heal and to connect with who they truly are at a soul level, and to walk a path of meaning. For some this might be an overtly spiritual path; for others it’s about finding greater wellbeing and a clear sense of purpose.

The heart of my work is facilitating healing journeys: to support every person I work with to heal old wounds, to move past limiting beliefs and patterns and ‘come home’ to their true self and potential.

Evolutionary consciousness

My bigger picture vision is that everyone doing the work of deep healing and awakening is part of the current shift in planetary consciousness. As more and more people raise their vibration, we will be able to expand consciousness and uplift the collective vibration.

As a species, we are evolving and ultimately we will reach a tipping point where humanity can move from an ego-based, material-focused society to a heart-based, multi-dimensional way of being on the planet, living in harmony with nature and each other.