New decade, new era: Re-imagining our world

Balancing the inner and outer worlds

2020 is a year of symmetry and balance. It has a nice ring to it, a good feel! There is a palpable collective relief at stepping into this new decade, a promise of a new beginning. In parallel with dramatic disasters and radical uncertainty, there is a global awakening of consciousness which is gathering momentum and calling us to create a more peaceful, sustainable world. There is a cosmic shift afoot and we have an opportunity to reinvent civilisation as we know it.

As we move towards this critical tipping point, every single one of us can make a difference. This is an extraordinary time to be alive, a golden opportunity to be part of anchoring higher consciousness and co-creating a New Earth.

If we want to witness a New Earth in the making, we can’t leave it to the cosmos “out there” to make it happen. We all have a role to play in birthing a more stable, peaceful world where spiritual wisdom, earth justice and loving compassion are the norm. The most significant contribution you can make is reshaping your inner world to embody these values.

Spiritual law states: as within, so without. When we change our inner landscape, the collective out-picture will change accordingly. We are powerful creators. This is where free will comes in. And now is the time to exercise free will big time! Now is the time to consciously evolve and share this amazing gift with the world.

So how will you shift gear into higher consciousness this year?

Pulling the future towards you

The Zen Buddhists believe that a tree is brought into creation by two forces at the same time. The first force is the seed which holds the potential for the full-grown tree. The second force is the future tree, which pulls the seed into being, drawing it from the void into creation, and guiding its evolution towards maturity.

Using this analogy, we can liken the seed to our true nature, which holds both the potential and the impulse to grow into a mature adult. The second force is the Soul, which guides our life towards fulfilling our destiny. If we allow the second force, we stand a better chance of growing into our best future self, the fully realised tree that bears an abundance of fruit, with least effort. And if we apply this to the collective: if we all reach for higher consciousness, the collective mind will evolve and, with it, the out-picture that is life on Earth.

This is conscious evolution in action!

Tending the garden of the heart and mind

This growth into full potentiality requires a mix of internal and external inputs. The seed requires soil, water, sun and nourishment to grow, but it is the inner picture of its future self – the second force – that shapes its growth into a specific tree: the unfoldment of the fully realised self.

As a ritual act, one of the first things I did on the dawn of this new decade, early in the morning before the withering Boland heat set in, was to plant tomato seedlings while reflecting on how I might live more consciously this year.

First, the optimal environment for growth.

It helps to have regular practices – and spaces – to anchor conscious living. Over the years, I’ve learnt that I need plenty of quiet time, preferably in nature, to de-stress, recharge and get in touch with my soul’s impulses. And I need to do things that actively feed me – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – and spend my time with people who honour who I am. These are the external inputs for conscious living.

Second, the inner world, the internal inputs. This is the not so easy part.

What is happening in my heart? How am I perceiving my current circumstances? What thoughts am I choosing to navigate my path? What am I putting out into the Field in emotional-thought form on a daily basis?

This is the garden of my heart-mind and evolutionary growth requires that I tend it with utmost care. It is a grand sifting process: being vigilant, accepting that weeds will grow, gently pulling them out, selecting the healthy plants and nurturing these.

Knowing the power of thought and emotion in creating my reality, I’ve committed this year to tend the garden of my heart-mind, to offer up fertile ground for soul growth. And like the alchemist, to try again and again with determined dedication to turn lead into gold.

This is perhaps the single-most important thing I can do if I want to witness a Golden Age anytime soon.

Conscious living, cosmic creation

How can you live more consciously this year and contribute towards creating a more beautiful world?

Here are some questions that might help you create a personal map for conscious living:

• What is your vision for your growth in 2020?
• What is your deepest desire?
• What needs to shift in your inner world?
• What support do you need for your growth?
• How will you nourish yourself?
• What do you most want to create?
• What is your unique gift/s to the world?

The balance between inner and outer work is critical if we are to step through the gateway into a Golden Age on Earth. It’s more important than ever not to neglect the inner landscape. As we know by now, there is a continuous interplay between inner and outer; between thought and manifestation; between the void and creation. This is the mysterious cosmic dance.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we all participate in the cosmic dance of creation. The more consciously we do so, the more power we have in co-creating the life we want and the world we’d like to live in: the collective out-picture of the collective mind.

We have the power to re-imagine our world, so let’s create a beautiful picture.

© Heather Linn, January 2020 

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