Raising your Vibration: Why your Vibrational frequency matters and 12 steps to increase it

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Cosmic energy is moving rapidly now: consciousness is expanding and time is speeding up (is this actually the same thing?). This can sometimes bring turbulence and chaos. The best way to align yourself with the current shift, is to go with the flow of change, rather than resisting change. Raising your vibration will make this a whole lot easier: it’s like taking the high road rather than wading through mud. You choose!

But how, you may ask? This is a question many of my clients have been asking recently. By following the simple guidelines in this article, you’ll harness your power to change your frequency, your consciousness, your experience and ultimately your destiny.

What is your vibrational frequency?

Your vibrational frequency is a composite of your thoughts, emotions and physical body – as well as your soul energy. Your vibrational ‘identity’ – or signature tune – is formed of multiple experiences: in this life as a child, a teenager and adult; and in other lives as the soul has travelled through time and many experiences. In other words, each one of us is manifested in layers of vibrational energy across multiple dimensions and timelines.

Think of this multi-layered experience as your vibrational frequency – and like walking radio stations, we are constantly emitting this signal into our environment. According to David R. Hawkins, our frequency is correlated with levels of consciousness. (Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour, 1985).

On Hawkins’ Scale (or Map) of Consciousness, frequency is measured on a scale from 0-1000, where enlightenment (the highest vibration) calibrates from 700-1000 and emotions such as guilt, shame, fear, grief, anger and pride (lower vibrations) calibrate from 0-200.

The Map of Consciousness is a useful visual tool to understand vibration and consciousness. Each person is operating at many levels at the same time, but it is our dominant state of being that will determine where we calibrate on the scale. The level of 200 represents the cut-off point for positive versus negative, contraction versus expansion, a weak energetic state versus a powerful state. Ideally, your aim should be to elevate your frequency to above the 200 mark. At this level, you will have more energy, and therefore more power, for a positive life experience – and to fulfil your soul’s purpose.

Why is it important to raise your vibration?

Why bother raising your vibration? Doesn’t this sound like too much hard work? There are many reasons why you might have a vested interest in raising your vibration.

Firstly, it’s like giving yourself an upgrade! In spiritual terms, this means expansion – and spiritual expansion and progression is the essence of our journey as incarnated beings. And with expansion, comes the capacity to consciously evolve and flow more effortlessly with change.

Secondly, raising your vibration will attract more of what you want into your field. As Albert Einstein said: “Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” It is a law of physics that the vibration you emit into the Universal field magnetises similar vibrational composites into your own energy field and experience.  In other words, what you think and how you feel influences what comes into your experience. If you change your vibration, you change your experience, the trajectory that you’re currently on, and ultimately your destiny – in this life and future lives! This is what is meant by the notion that we create our reality.

Thirdly, a higher frequency increases your natural protection. The increase in light energy in your field will naturally keep away lower energies. At the same time, a higher vibration also attracts energies/experiences of a higher vibration. With greater awareness, you can start choosing what comes into your field. The very process of raising your vibration will develop and strengthen this awareness.

And finally, as mentioned above, a higher vibration affords you more energy – and power – to live your life in alignment with your soul purpose.

12 steps to raise your vibration

Your vibration is a composite of multiple dimensions of your being, and so it follows that raising your vibration requires paying attention to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies – as well as your subtle energy field.

There is no simple formula, but here are 12 steps along the high road:

  1. Know thyself: awareness is the gateway

As your awareness increases, so you are more able to intervene to change your default patterning and make conscious choices in creating your life experience.

You might be strong in one area, and weak in another, so the first step is to get to know yourself. Are you rigid mentally? Do you have a tendency to spiral down into negative or even catastrophic thinking? Are you volatile emotionally? Do you let small things throw you off centre? Are you prone to stress and anxiety, even when things are going smoothly? Are you spiritually connected?

Be honest in your assessment. Identify your priority area of change – and then make the changes!

Tip: Start where you are and enjoy the ripple effect of raising your vibration.

  1. Physical body: your temple

Your physical body is the vehicle for your experience in this Earthly dimension. Caring for your ‘body temple’ is a foundational step in keeping your vibes up! Your state of health sets the tone for much of your experience. For example, fatigue, stress and chronic ill health all take a toll on your vibration while vibrant health radiates a vibrant frequency.

Creating vibrant health and wellbeing has six pillars:

  • Healthy nutrition – what we put into our bodies affects every aspect of our health.
  • Good sleep – is one of the most efficient ways to regulate wellbeing (and mood). This is when vital processing and repair work is done. It’s also when we access non-local mind and tap into higher consciousness.
  • Movement & exercise – integrates mind and body, oxygenates cells, balances hormones and releases stress.
  • Stress management – stress is the number one factor underlying most chronic illnesses. Reducing stress is therefore a key element in maintaining physical health.
  • Positive emotions – emotions are the primary drivers of physiological processes: positive emotions reinforce physical wellbeing, while negative emotions create inflammation in the body and accelerate dis-ease.
  • Regular detox – eliminates toxins from your system and supports metabolic processes.

When it comes to vibration, nutrition is key! What you put into your body has a huge impact on your vibration. For example, a plant-based diet will afford a lighter vibration, whereas a diet high in toxins (of all sorts) will lower your vibration. Healthy nutrition includes good hydration to keep this vital life force energy flowing. Most of us are dehydrated and this negatively impacts cellular health and makes it harder for our bodies to do the job of releasing toxins naturally.

In this chemical age, it is impossible to avoid toxins completely, but you can choose to minimise your toxic load. For example, avoid processed foods; eat organic as much as possible; use toxin-free body and household products. And find a gentle, safe detox protocol and make this part of your routine.

Tip: Review the six pillars and assess how you are doing in caring for your body temple. And then make the changes that will assist you in creating vibrant health and wellbeing.  

  1. Emotional body: feelings and responses

Feeling states are strongly correlated with vibrational frequency. The emotional body is a complex of past emotional patterning and our responses in the present. As emotional beings, we are constantly triggered by past experience, such as childhood wounding and old hurts (this is in fact part of our biochemical patterning too).

Get to know your emotional body: what are your dominant emotions? Are you stuck in past wounding? Are you emotionally stable or volatile? Do you have a tendency towards being reactive or do you meet the present as it is? What is lurking in your shadow?

One of the most powerful things you can do is release resentment and find forgiveness for those you perceive to have wronged you. While it’s important to disengage from toxic relationships, we also need to disengage from the toxic emotions we keep alive inside us.

Take time to work though old wounds and release the pain of past experiences. If you’re stuck, see a therapist or healer to help you. And then consciously choose elevated emotions.

Tip: Think of this step as an emotional detox and reset.

  1. Mental body: thoughts, beliefs and conditioning

The power of thought to create reality is vastly under-estimated. Our thought processes shape our experience every single day.  Becoming aware of your thought patterns, and consciously choosing more positive thoughts, affords you a type of mastery that will significantly change your vibration. As Louise Hay said: “If you’re willing to change your thoughts, you change your life”.

Thought is a composite of rational thinking, unconscious beliefs and programmes installed in childhood. The first step is to become more aware of these levels of thought. Do you have a tendency towards negative or critical thinking? Is your inner critic overly active? What are your core beliefs? Do they serve you or are they based on fear or painful past experiences?

Observe your thoughts and identify your mental patterns. Then take steps to change negative thinking into more positive thinking, to replace disempowering beliefs with empowering beliefs, and slowly but surely change your mind!

Tip: Set an intention to change your mind and transform negative thoughts into empowering thoughts.

  1. Spiritual body: connect with your spirituality

It is often said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are often so busy with our human experience, that we forget about our spiritual being-ness. It’s important to make time and space to connect with your spirituality, whatever this means to you. This may mean taking time to connect with your own soul or opening up the channels of communication with a higher power. Whether you call this higher power God, Goddess, Source, Allah or the Universe, it is simply acknowledging that there is a force greater than yourself and a mystery that is alive and present in the very fabric of the Universe.

This connection arises in the pauses and silences, not while we are frantically busy. So, make time for quietness and solitude. Listen to the whispers of your soul. Create sacred spaces in your home for meditation, prayer and ritual. Make your chosen spiritual practice a daily habit.

These practices will boost your vibration every day and expand your capacity for higher awareness.

Tip: Begin your day with a spiritual practice and bring a sense of the sacred into your daily life.

  1. Subtle light body: keep your energy flowing

You’ll be giving yourself a head start if you learn how to manage your subtle energy body: your chakras and aura. By regularly clearing and balancing your chakras and aura, and learning how to ground yourself, you dissolve ‘dense’ (low vibration) blockages and keep the energy flowing through your energetic pathways.

Over time, this work is one of the most powerful ways of shifting your energy and bringing a lighter vibration into your system as whole.

Tip: Get to know your subtle energy body, take a class in energy management, or sign up for personal energy coaching.

  1. Meditation 

Meditation is regarded as a cornerstone of spiritual practice and helps to keep your vibration like a clear running stream.

With regular practice, meditation will help you to still the mind, open to experience in the moment. It is an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety and has a host of other benefits, including: improving focus and memory; strengthening the immune system; improving cardiovascular health; opening the heart, allowing compassion to arise; and allowing greater awareness and intuition to arise.

Meditation is also an important practice to establish a channel with your soul and/or spirit guides.

Tip: Start your day with meditation to enhance your experience of the day ahead.

  1. Manage your stress levels 

Stress derails you from achieving a calm, stable vibration. Physiologically, the stress response releases hormones that over-stimulate the central nervous system and wreak havoc on your physical body. Research shows that stress is the number one cause of the major chronic diseases in the West.

As a species, we have become addicted to high stress levels and, for many individuals, feeling anxious and overwhelmed is almost normal. Stress is in fact a ‘fear state’ and prevents us from the expansive awareness that lifts our vibration.

Identify your key stressors: this may be a stressful work situation or relationship dynamics – and then take steps to minimise your stress. It may not be possible to get rid of stress, but you have the power to manage your stress levels so that you’re not in a contracted fear state.

Tip: Regular exercise, good sleep, avoiding adrenaline-charged situations, monitoring stress-inducing worry about the future, and daily meditation all help to discharge cortisol build-up and calm the central nervous system.

  1. Spend time in nature

Spending time in nature is an enjoyable way to release stress and restore vibrational harmony. We also need Earth energy to charge our energy systems and to feel grounded. Connecting with the Earth also resets our biological clock through the circadian rhythm.

Natural environments emit a high frequency: the more pristine, the higher the frequency. For instance, old-growth forest or fynbos carries a higher frequency than a plantation forest.

In addition, negative ions are abundant in nature, especially at the ocean, around waterfalls and after a storm. Negative ions clear the air – and our energy fields – of airborne allergens such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria and viruses and help counteract EMF exposure. In our polluted city and office environments we are constantly exposed to positive ions and we need negative ions to restore homeostasis and a feeling of wellbeing.

Tip: Receive nature’s abundant gifts to ground yourself and recharge your system.

  1. Gratitude attitude and loving kindness

Choosing an elevated emotion, such as gratitude or love, and expanding it, will automatically increase your vibration. This in turn will have a positive effect on your biochemistry, allowing your body to self-heal too.

Gratitude (along with joy, love and peace) is one of the highest vibrational states. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is a surefire way to increase your vibration. For starters, gratitude cannot co-exist with anger, so if you’re angry about something, one of the ways to transform (not deny) this emotion, is to find the gift in the situation, or the person, you are angry with and feel grateful for what has come into your field.

Even those experiences that appear to be negative, can be transformed by understanding that everything that happens is an opportunity to grow, and in this sense, is in your highest good. There is a gift in every situation. Find the gratitude!

There are many ways to practice gratitude: you may want to keep a gratitude journal or include gratitude in your spiritual practice, whether in prayer or meditation

Tip: Make gratitude a habit: guaranteed, it will up your vibration!

Love calibrates at 500 on the Scale of Consciousness. Choosing love in any situation will raise not only your own vibration, but the vibration of people in your orbit. Love is a transformative energy and has the capacity to transmute even the greatest suffering and change vibrational frequencies. This has been found to be the case for plants and water too.

When you approach everyone (including yourself) with an attitude of loving kindness, you reach for the highest expression of who you can be and offer this gift to everyone you encounter.

Tip: Practice loving kindness, especially towards yourself. When you are in a challenging situation, ask yourself: what would love do? 

  1. Ask for guidance and support

You don’t have to go it alone! There is always support in the wings. It may be in the form of a friend’s listening ear, a book, a stranger’s offer of assistance, a synchronous incident or your spiritual team of helpers at work.

If help does not seem to be forthcoming, then ask! Call a friend. Go to a therapist, a healer, a support group. And don’t forget to ask for guidance from the Universe and your spirit guides.

Tip: Be open to receiving  

  1. Laugh, play and have fun!

Ever heard the old adage that laughter is the best medicine? This is physiologically true. Laughter floods your system with endorphins, releasing stress and boosting wellbeing.

So, while raising your vibration might seem like hard work, don’t forget to laugh, play and have fun along the way. After all, life is an adventure (through time) so you may as well enjoy the ride.

Tip: Lighten up!

© Heather Linn, October 2019

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