Spring is in the Air: Sowing seeds of intention

“We are the gardeners of our souls…. Contemplate the seeds you are planting now. A wise gardener learns from previous seasons what seeds nourish the soul and which ones are weeds in disguise.” ~ Caroline Myss

We live in a rhythmic universe – the times of day, the seasons, the cycles of the moon – all have a different feel and energy. We are an integral part of the cycles of nature and we are affected by its rhythms.

Each season has a unique rhythm that is essential to the balance of life. Each has a very different energy and connects to a different part of our beings, an aspect of the human psyche or of the human condition.

  • Spring is the time of emergence and giving birth to new life
  • Summer is the time of growth and abundance
  • Autumn is the time of harvest and shedding what we no longer need
  • Winter is the time of hibernation, giving space for rest and reflection.

If we tune into these natural rhythms – and align our beings with the cycles of the seasons – we can flow with these energies to find balance and progress on our path.

The energies of Spring

In the Native American medicine wheel, which uses the four directions to understand the cosmos, Spring is in the East. This is the place of the rising sun and a time of birth and rebirth, of the first breath and inspiration. It is associated with the element of Air (or Wind) and it is the home of the winged creatures – the ones who inhabit the element of air: the birds, the butterflies, the dragonflies and insects.

Spring is the season of new beginnings, emergence and creativity. If you look around, nature is literally bursting forth. Here in the Riebeek Valley, there is a palpable awakening in nature: new green leaves are budding on the trees; the Spring flowers are blooming in the veld; the birds and insects are more vocal; and everything seems more alive and colourful.

For ourselves, it is a time of re-vitalising the life force energy and getting the creative juices flowing. It’s getting light much earlier in the mornings and with that, it’s easier to get up and get going. After the more dormant, inward energies of winter, the more outward energy of action is rising in us.

We can all feel these subtle shifts, and our bodies respond almost despite ourselves.

Spring Equinox amplification

As we lead up to the Spring Equinox on 23rd September (in the southern hemisphere) these energies will intensify. The Equinox is an auspicious time to set intentions for what you want to create in your life and especially for the next three-month cycle until the Summer Solstice in December.

During the Spring cycle, the collective energies are supporting your own creative energy: to give birth to new ideas, new beginnings, new projects, new partnerships and even a whole new direction. With intention, you can harness the Spring energies to support you own unfolding. This is a powerful time to plant seeds for your New Beginnings. What do you want to call forth in the next cycle of growth? What are your own creative energies inspiring you to do?

Even if you don’t know exactly what to call forth, sometimes there is a sense of preparation for the new energies – a preparation for birth. It is a good time to listen more closely to see what might be stirring inside you. Is there anything that might be trying to break through into full awareness? Are you listening to the subtle signals of change in your being?

When you move forward with conscious intention, you can be an active participant in co-creating your reality, rather than a victim of circumstance. This co-creation is amplified when you move in sync with the rhythms of nature and the cycles of the seasons. This is how you can be supported by the Universe and the unseen energies that nourish you at the deepest level.

As the Spring energies intensify around the Equinox, work with the collective energies to dream your New Beginnings and to spark your creative energy. Shed the patterns and habits that keep you stuck in self-doubt and pain. Dare to dream your highest destiny. And calibrate your emotions to the highest frequencies of joy and gratitude to accelerate your progress.

Five steps to work with the energies of Spring

  1. Reflection – Think about what ‘new beginnings’ means for you, currently, and get clear about your intentions going forward. What do you want to ‘birth’ in the next three-month cycle? In which area of your life do you want to grow in a new way?
  2. Set your intentions – Once you know what you want to bring forth, sow the seeds of intention for the next cycle and use the energies of Spring to call in the new.
  3. Energise your intention – In the same way as you’d water seeds in your garden, so you need to energise and nurture your intentions with creative energy and attention. And then add a dash of patience. Some seeds take time to sprout and grow – bamboo for example takes 50 years to grow to its full height!
  4. Take action – When you’re ready, take practical steps in the outer world to put your creative ideas into action and start your new beginnings.
  5. Gratitude – Feel gratitude for your new beginnings and creative ideas, as if they are already manifest. Give thanks for all the abundance in your life now and the abundance that is emerging and yet to take form.

Whole being action

Spring is a time for inspiration, activation and taking action. What can you do to activate New Beginnings or spark creative energy at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level?

  • Physical – How can you refresh your physical body? A good place to start is to do a detox of at least a week to revitalise your system and eliminate toxins. It’s more powerful if you do a conscious detox. Set an intention for your detox week and when detoxing, think about what you’re letting go of emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In this way you purify your whole being and prepare the soil for new growth. Or you could start a new exercise routine or recommit to your existing exercise routine. Focus on the breath – go outdoors, consciously breath in prana and open your being to life force energy.
  • Emotional – Release any toxic emotions and make a conscious choice to focus on elevated emotions, such as gratitude, love and joy. In this way you recalibrate your consciousness to the higher frequencies. The most important thing you can do for yourself and the planet right now is to give birth to the energy of love. You can do this by choosing to focus on love and making this part of your experience every single day.
  • Mental – Is there something new that you want to learn? Are there new beliefs that you want to embrace as you move forward? Consciously choose empowering thoughts and beliefs that will support your New Beginnings (and release negative thoughts and outmoded beliefs that undermine your creative process).
  • Spiritual – Make time for spiritual connection and tune into your inner realms.  You might want to start a new spiritual practice or revive your existing practice. Think about how you will do this and integrate it into your daily routine. Pay attention to the whisperings of your soul. Notice the winged creatures in your environment and what they may be telling you. What is emerging in your spiritual sight? Do something symbolic to activate your New Beginnings. For example: If you have a garden, plant something to seed your intentions for your New Beginnings.

© Heather Linn, September 2019



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